Rules Discussion

An information request has been received from an RG65 skipper referring to the use of telemetry functions offered by contemporary radio systems on board of an RG65.

In this context it is reminded that:

1. The very first statement in the RG65 Class Rules says:
The “RG-65″ is a Radio Controlled monohull development class, where all is allowed except what is specifically prohibited by these rules of measurement“.

2. Rule 1.1.2 reads:
The Class “RG-65″ is a Development Class, therefore everything that isn’t prohibited in these Rules is permitted“.

3. Rule 7.1 says:
Radio systems with 2 (two) control functions shall be used. One function will act only on the rudder, and the other will act only on the sheets“.

Thus the only reference to the Radio Equipment is given in Rule 7, and refers to actions on elements of the boat. Therefore this Rule is of no application as telemetry functions available in modern radio equipment do NOT produce any actions on the rudder or the sheets nor any other element of the boat.

In conclusion it results that as everything that isn’t prohibited in these Rules is permitted, and being that any telemetry function is not prohibited, it follows that

the use of telemetry fuctions available on Radio Equipment is permitted.

2015/08/21, Fredo Vollmer